My virgin pair of Sperry! Shoes Singapore Sperry's  Catchherfart
There you have it. Art Singapore Quotes Catchherfart
Music never sleeps with Jason Chen. Tshirt Catchherfart Jasondchen Musicneversleeps
On 2nd was the setting up and preparation. 3rd was the actual event! :) Singapore Volunteering Chinese New Year Catchherfart
All hail the SGD $10.90 "Leather jacket" Singapore Fishes Supermarket Catchherfart
My sister is guilt-tripped. Hahaha she lost my babycamera lens cap. I was fuming. She bought these for me as an "apology". It was rather cute. HAHAHAHA I CAN'T TANK ALR SO SWEET Chocolate Snacks Singapore Catchherfart
Repose Sunset Singapore #sunset #sun #clouds #skylovers #sky #nature #beautifulinnature #naturalbeauty #photography #landscape Catchherfart
Met up with two of my goodiegood friends yesterday for a movie date and dinner together! You can say it's one of the best days I've had. Love them :) Friends Singapore Lgbt Catchherfart
Lunch with Jovianne! Hehehe. Community work ftw woohoooo Singapore Asian Food Nasi Lemak Catchherfart
First Jason chen showcase in Singapore! :) Singapore Catchherfart Jasondchen Musicneversleeps
Starting on my second book of the year. (Bring me out into another world, hopefully. Away from reality because reality is too hard to face now) Love Singapore Book Catchherfart
Finished this! Proud to announce within 3 days. It wasn't that good, neither was it that bad. But it made me realise I have to treasure my family members more before its all too late because there will never be a second chance to say and meet them again o Reading Singapore Books Catchherfart
Reading Singapore Books Catchherfart
Strawberries for tea time earlier this afternoon. Eating Strawberry Strawberries Catchherfart
First greeting picture using pig trotters Chinatown Singapore Catchherfart Trotters
Finished with this. In a day. It was awesome.(yeah every book i read is awesome ikr hahahah) Love Singapore Book Catchherfart
Siblz Love Sisters Singapore Catchherfart
The starting is already tugging at the little strings of my heart. Love Singapore Books Catchherfart
Moo Singapore Cows Being Lame Catchherfart
Classmates :) Friends Singapore Asians Catchherfart
Oh gurl I am fab Singapore Cute Asian  Catchherfart
One of Chris Cleave's insane novel. Insane, but wicked. Love it too! Reading Singapore Books Catchherfart
Selca with ma Zira babe while queuing for Jasondchen's showcase Singapore Asians Catchherfart Jasondchen
Dinner last night with teachers and friends. Singapore Asian Food Chinesefood Catchherfart