Vans Skate Park

@eddieelguera and his skate cake!
Vertical Disneyland.
Day 3 at Vans (day 4 skating) the day after @eddieelguera's 50th skate party marathon. Sofa King™ sore and tired. Let's go!
Day 3 - Combi and me.
I love the smell of concrete in the morning...
Three amigos on day 1 of a 3 day road trip!
I'm *here* to skate!!!
Finally... Mecca.
The Golden Ticket
Ladies finals are ON!
Hi honey, I'm home!
Can you feel it? It's coming like a freight train! Unstoppable! PPP in 10 minutes.
Combi pool - day 5, barely alive.
Drive back early after 2 days of non-stop skating, or get one more session in before the long road home? I think you know my answer...
Saturday night after @eddieelguera's 50th session - and the night before @sparagram's 50th BDay! Demarcus, Pat Black, Jason Richardson and me helped them both celebrate.