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Elena come in to see me to correct her color. Elena's color was very gold at her base and lighter gold on the ends. This is the result of BleachandTone I didn't use bleach on Elena's base color. I used 10N 40vol and of course @OlaPlex for base color and blue Enlightner with 30volfor a very heavy all over weave. This appointment we made some serious progress. In 6months from no Elena will have gorgeous blonde hair Blondehairdontcare Blondehair CorrectiveColor for my girl Elena Elena found me on @Instagram ScissorSalute Hello Ivan I'm trying to get to the New York IBS show.
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This girl has the best hair ever. BlowOut with Volume. Then create texture and tease the base. Curl curl curl and pull apart PatriciaLynnLaasHairCo Hair Blondehairdontcare Bblogger hblogger FBlogger chantelzales (Made withphotomirror )App from@caesarapp
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