Drunkennights Mickeys @buffoonvictor Portrait Goodnight
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So it begins on a green note Mickeys Beer
This is a picture I took yesterday. Mickeys Maltbeer Yum Oldmemorys
Top off this. GoodNight with a Mickeys Beerme Highlife OnTuesday RelaxingOnMyWorstBehavier
I Got A 40 oz. Mickeys 40oz FineMaltLiquor  FuckHowYourFeelinBitch
Yesterday was A good mutha fuckin day! I Spent my birthday with my friends and family and I enjoyed every bit of it, I'm really glad me and my homie got to hang out and she made my birthday fun. Thank you for being there for me and buying me my Tallie and Mickeys . It was a nice TurntUp with you ! And I hope we have some more crazy ass adventures cause your one he'll of a good friend, I couldn't ask for more!  StraightThuggin StaySwervin FuckHowYourFeelinBitch MyHomie MyBigDay LittleMe MyBirthday Friends Family EnjoyingLife Live Love Laugh GoodMuthaFuckinDay 
Blue Gourami Guppies Mickeys Fishes Pets Fishies!!!