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Comparable to something out of a heroic comic book, Broncos Peytton Manningham crosses over while scrambling from the Villainous Carolina Panthers, the ball made of Wound up Sushi gripped firmly as he flashed a Heisman trophy pose in the waining seconds of Super Bowl 50. Upon further review, the future Hall of Famer reached into his pocket while escaping it, and flashed for the world too see, his affinity for Tabasco Sauce. Officials convened for about a second, as the Carolina faithful showered the field with vinegar and prolonged campfire stories that bored the opposition to the extent that both parties shook and agreed, the loser fans of this Super Bowl must A) Castrate a Goat with your teeth, or, in the case of Carolina fans, castrate a Colorado Bull with his teeth. The humor fell in the end with the San Fransisco native who all agreed the stereotype that Carolina fans don't have full sets of teeth must be true. When asked why, a quickly aging 49errrr fan replied, because stereotypes started in SF, and we're super happy just to be here. Yay Niners, this calls for a parade. SuperBowlXLVIII Superbowl Superman Wonderwoman PeytonManning Manning Carolinapanthers Panthers CamNewton Fortyniners Bedtimestory Candycamera GoBlue Dodgers Castration Hityouwithtabascoyoulittleasshole Gummies Omaha Niceplacetovisitbutiwouldntwanttolivehere
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