Starbucks Coffee

Look who's with me? hahaha! Bonding with my ex-gf but now a good friend of mine. Weeee. :)) Coffee Coffeelover Coffeeaddict SB starbucks starbucksPh
My girl I missed the most @mamheloy ♥
Oh yes I'm healed.
Enjoying the night with @mamheloy @conconiee
Got the first color! Exactly during the Cheer Party 2013 last night. 3 more left. :) SB Starbucks Starbucksph Starbucksplanner starbucksplanner2014 coffee coffeelover caffeine sblover starbuckslover planner collection
Quick breakfast before going home. ♥ Starbucks SB Starbucksph Coffee cinnamonroll whitechocolatemocha coffeelover coffeeaddict
Banoffee Pie Yummy Favorite something to start my morning.