6x7cm 120-film Entwicklung Filmkorn Fuchsia Flower Reproduction Black And White Close-up Day Filmscanner Flower Geländer No People Outdoors Plant Vase
Ветеран к/т Октябрь, вынесли бедолагу в холл. Раньше он показывал, теперь его показывают Кино проектор кинопроектор ктп бедняга Soviet Film Projector Cinema Cinematography Motionpicture MOVIE Movies Filmscanner Filmprojector VSCO Vscocam Ig Iger Vscophile Vscogrid Vscorussia Нефтекамск октябрь винтаж печалька
As requested by my friend roypekjunjie aka roypekjunjie_photography, here's frame 3! Do expect more decent coverage and pictures in the coming days! #lomography #filmscanner Lomography Filmscanner
This is roughly the quality that you will get. Personally my phone is an Galaxy S2, so it's a 8mp camera. What are your thoughts on the #lomography #filmscanner? Lomography Filmscanner
Getting warmer... #lomography #filmscanner Lomography Filmscanner
Another sample from the 2nd frame. The quality is pretty decent. #lomography #filmscanner Lomography Filmscanner
Now for the un-boxing! Lomography Filmscanner
Here's the main idea on how it works: - Clamp hand phone on top - Feed developed film in btm slot - Take photo & invert photo etc Seems pretty straight forward on the new #lomography #filmscanner. Lomography Filmscanner
The inside of the #lomography #filmscanner box Lomography Filmscanner