Mingora Swat

Fizzaghut Swat. Exploringpakistan
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
Z Bacha ❤s❤tk...
Hanging Out
We Are Family
Relaxing Hi! That's Me Escaping People Watching Getting In Touch Taking Photos
First Eyeem Photo
Traveling Vacation
Main bazar mingora in 1960
Relaxing First Eyeem Photo
Hehehehe...Symmetrical Camping Sunbathing BBQ
Bilal aw za shangla tap k
Me Walking Around Sunbathing People Watching Hugging A Tree Jogging Relaxing Camping Getting In Touch That's Me Escaping
One Of My Favorite Things
2 Eid Hoilday Afsar Ali ao wahab
Marjaan fashion cha cha market People Watching
Color Portrait We Are Family That's Me Excercising Hugging A Tree Relaxing Enjoying Life
Portrait Of A Friend People Watching
For All Muslims. ..
Bayya khan
Tere Yaad Main...¿ Jeraha hon Safar Tanha Tanha...¿
Suliman aw za People Watching za
Marjaan fashion
Zahoor Bacha ❤s❤tk. First Eyeem Photo
It's mEh sULiman kHan sUn Picnic First Eyeem Photo
Me &Adil Bacha.
not now
That's Me
Ejaz Bacha