I got my baby the CD he wanted <3 SlaveToTheGame Emmure
Got to meet my favorite band Emmure  Eternalenemies
Right before the show where I accidentally got kicked in the face. Bahahaha. TBT  17 Emmure
Septum BrownHair Emmure  Selfie Girl
NewEra never disappoints! Sick Swag Emmure  Unboxing 9fifty Snapback @victoryrecords @emmuremusic
Emmure  NewEra Snapback Swag
SF2 Tshirtmaniac Emmure
@FrankiePalmeri @emmuremusic Emmure  LiveClub Italy 27-11-2012 SlaveToTheGame ChildrensOfCybertron
Emmure - Eternal Enemies Emmure  Eternalenemies Victoryrecords
T-shirt of the day Tshirtmaniac Emmure
ChildrensOfCybertron @emmuremusic @FrankiePalmeri @jessemmure @mikewtf Emmure
Amazing Emmure  Nemesis
that time i met Frankie Palmeri :3 Metal Emmure  Concert Band
Emmure  Eternalenemies