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The solo traveler, Ipoh Boy, is finally back after 2 years of absence. Taiwan, my must travel list for years has accidentally been realised. It still feels daunting going an unknown place alone. But, I slowly remembered how I survive traveling alone in UK and Europe. People are often afraid of traveling with solitude, but I tell you, your eyes and your senses will never be alone. 🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣 Unitedkingdom Lightroom Monochrome Wanderlust Travelgram Nikond3300 Architecturelover Greatday Photoshop Greatbritain Architecturephotography City Lincoln Love Cityphotography Religion Architecture Spirituality Place Of Worship Travel Destinations Low Angle View Built Structure History Tourism Building Exterior No People Travel Façade Day Outdoors
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Every new day gives new things and there we create new memories. Architecture Travels Happy Life Beautiful Sunnyday Architecturelover Landscape Landscape_specialist Instatravel Instadaily Photography Travelphotography Tflers Explore Adventure Instago Igersmania
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Same view, different feel. The life can go very different directions, just depends on how you see it... 🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣 Lightroom Greatday Cityphotography Architecturephotography Nikon Nikond3300 Lincoln Travelphotography Cityscape Monochrome Greatbritain Unitedkingdom Structure Wanderlust Travelgoals Travelgram Travelblogger Love Traveladdict Architecturelover Connection Outdoors Day Bridge - Man Made Structure Architecture Built Structure Transportation City Building Exterior Water #urbanana: The Urban Playground
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Little mirror manipulation. Let me know what do you think about it. Photography Architecture Architectureporn Architecture Photography Color City Lines Abstract Urban Geometry Building Blue Architecturephotography Architecturelover Photo Slovakia Photographer Architecture
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