So Arilynn came home from school the other week with this duck tape bow she made with duck tape brought by a classmate. I approve. She currently keeps taping it onto a hair tie with regular old tape to wear around. Love my girl. IloveBacon Bacon Hairbow Bow ducktape tape goodtaste smartgirl thatsmygirl awesome creative style
Hanging Out Eye4photography  NEM Banal IloveBacon
My Addiction. Check This Out IloveBacon Bacon On My Mind Tasty Dishes
Well this makes sense.. But I don't care.. Maybe I should slow down with the bacon... Actually no, I can't. ?? IloveBacon BaconProblems Repost BaconAddict BaconBaconBacon
it just got real Reallife IloveBacon Loveyoumore
The making of bacon potpourri IloveBacon Comfortsmells Freerange Bacon
~hash brown and bacon toped with a cottage cheese and green onions ~ Breakfast Food Bacon Baconandeggs Baconandeggs IloveBacon Baconbacon Hashbrowns
I baked 42 Limited Edition Maple Bacon cookies. It smells so good in our apartment! Baking Baked Bettycrocker MapleBaconCookies Maplebacon Bacon IloveBacon Cookies Limitededition 42Cookies 42  Pictureoftheday Picoftheday Photooftheday Pixlromatic Cellphonephotography Samsunggalaxynote3 Portorchardwashington
IloveBacon Turkeybacon Bacon Baconforbreakfast baconisgood yum