In the spotlight! "I'm a loner. I'm a loser. I'm a winner in my mind. I'm a bad one. I'm a good one. I'm a sick one with a smile. I can't take this. Born to break this. She's goin' away. What's wrong with my life today?" The Impurist Webporn Simply Complicated Orb Weaver We Are Nature Taking Photos Of People Taking Photos Outdoors Darkness And Life In The Spotlight!  Patterns In Nature Architecture Fragility Arachni-therapy Spiders For Steven Year Of The Spider Musical Photos "When everyone around you falls apart." The Impurist Nightmares And Dreamscapes EyeEm Vision Webporn Darkness And Light Tranquility We Are Nature Fragility Torn Arachni-therapy In The Spotlight!  Year Of The Spider Musical Photos "There's a game life plays. Makes you think you're everything they ever said you were. Like to take some time, clear away everything I've been. Was it life I betrayed for the shape that I'm in? It's not hard to fail. It's not easy to win. Did I drink too much? Could I disappear? And there's nothin' that's left, but wasted years." The Purist Nightmares And Dreamscapes Year Of The Spider Webporn Simply Complicated No People Patterns In Nature Fragility Architecture Eye Am Nature Arachni-therapy In The Spotlight!  Darkness And Life Musical Photos Lyricalartistry
In The Spotlight!
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