Bantay, Ilocos Sur

The view from the top of the Bantay Bell Tower. The cemetery really caught my eye; looks like a miniature city with its white headstones Travelphotography Landscape Wheninilocos Ilocossur Wtnadventures Travelph Mobilephotography
Rayoflight Fieldscape Farmlife Farm
Morning sunshine
Meet my Brother Amante Palomares...Guwapo mo Kuya mana mana! Hahaahah!
Fieldscape Field Farm Life Farm Farmer
My Idols SPCIS! Specially for Palomares my Brother!!!
Shut Up Ms.Palomares is here...BTW I'AM Nathalie Trish Palomares... Follow me Plss.
unselfie.Goodafternoon ✌
The Four Pretty Girls!