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No aprendo de los errores porque ya no me permito fallos. 2MC Walking Fashion Style KeelOver Keepitreal Rprsnt HipHop
I'm a hustler baby, just you know.😄 2MC Style Fashion DoggsLife KeelOver Snoop  Rprsnt Keepitreal HipHop
Baby you just gotta make up your mind... Girl Smile Beauty On_point Keepitreal Be Yourself Joy Quotes Instalike Itscute Fabulous Music Arianagrande
Tell em only winners are allowed Beauty On_point Keepitreal Be Yourself Music Quotes Instalike Itscute Song Girlslike
"We don't stop, we live HipHop, 24/7, Federal, Entre Ríos"✊👊😁 Nativos 2MC Maibor HipHop Rap Style Urban People Rprsnt Keepitreal KeelOver Show
Tarde de taggs✊👊👍 DobleMc 2MC Tagg Rprsnt HipHop Street Urban Art Keepitreal
The best way out is always through. Girl Smile Beauty On_point Keepitreal Be Yourself Joy Quotes Instalike Itscute Glasses Nerdy Blackandwhite
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Somos el equipo que viajó al pasado y le dijo al HipHop como el HipHop debería de llamarse. Nativos 2MC Maibor Show HipHop Keepitreal Rprsnt Style Urban KeelOver
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Keepitreal Nofilter
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Vos pensá que va más allá de una pared pintada, significa sangre derramada de almas hermanas que lucharon contra cada camada perfectamente planeadas.🎶✊👊 Nativos NTVS Tagg Rprsnt HipHop Urban Style Keepitreal
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Representamos nuestra ciudad con la vida entera!✊👊 Nativos HipHop 2MC Maibor Show Rprsnt Keepitreal
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Peace and love today people....Keepitreal
Somos nosotros.✊👊 Nativos DobleMc Maibor HipHop Show Rprsnt Keepitreal FedeRock
Búsquenos en sonidos agresivos✊👊 Nativos 2MC Maibor Show HipHop Keepitreal Rprsnt Style Urban
The language of friendship is not words but meanings. – Henry David Thoreau Instalike Itscute Fabulous Girls Smile Friendship Beauty On_point Keepitreal Be Yourself Love
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life is a dream so keep on dreaming Sodeep Keepitreal
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