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Wednesday night jam on a semi-desktop setup. 👌👌 Foobar2000 - source FiiO X3 - usb dac FiiO E12/JDS Labs C5 - amp Adv. Sound M4/Fidue A83 - iems Headi Audiophile Audioporn Dac Amp Iem Fiio Advsound Fidue Jdslabs
Klangmaschine_2018_01_10819 Black Background Blurred Electronic Hifi Music Device Blue Light Blurred Background Close-up Connectors Dac Digital Analog Converter Electronic Device Green Light Light And Shadow Metallic No People Technology
My handsome love! Babyboy Dac MYLOVE<3
DAC Amp Amplifier Audio Audio Equipment Audiophile Black Black & White Black And White Blackandwhite Close-up Dac Dark Darkness And Light Desaturated High Angle View Illuminated Indoors  No People Photo Photography Red Sound Technology Technology I Can't Live Without
Finally sweating out the St. Patty's festivities. Baltimore Picturethis13 Merritt Dac gym workout
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Elders are still watching - Dac, or Romanian ancestor on the Arch of Constantine in Rome, Rome yItaly Dac lConstantinesarch eArco Di Costantino antino
HiRes Audio Sony Portable Headphone Amplifier Pha2 & Hybrid Stereo Headphones 🎧🎶 XBAH3 . Match made in heaven. Plugged my HTC One into the Dac and the headphones into the DAC… Amazing sound! Pure Clarity Bellowing Bass while maintaining Subtle Musical Nuances . I'm blown away the sound these two produce. 🎺🎷🎸🎼🎶🎵😭😍😱
First Eyeem Photo Chord Mojo Dac Sound Audiophile Audio Digital Analog Converter Chord Electronics Music
He's all kinds of handsome. Hello World Babyboy Dac
Happy 2 weeks my love! Babyboy MYLOVE<3 Dac
Look mommy I can sit on my own. Babyboy TEXASLOVE MYLOVE<3 Dac
Élida "Lita" Stantic.Genia del cine. Directora Productora Cine Argentino Tercer ciclo de Mujeres detrás de cámara Dac