Down and out.

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Venice Beach Pianist Pianist Piano Down And Out. Beachfront Beach Life Street Photography Real People Sunlight One Person Plant Tree Shadow Nature
Late morning under The Reconcilliation Bridge. Outdoors Street Life Street Life Style Down And Out. Two People Two People Alone In Nature Two Persons Urban Theme Inner City Cold Morning Concrete Bed Making Do Urban Lifestyle
Hard day City Life Down And Out. Habit Homeless New York New York City Outdoors Paving Stone Poverty Sidewalk Street Street Photography Streetphotography The Street Photographer - 2017 EyeEm Awards
Lone can, tells a story of a person who is alone or prefers there own company to others. Can Tiny Beer Drinking Drunk Moments Lonely Bench Down And Out.
Sydney, Australia Sydney Opera House Sydneyharbour Down And Out. Just resting
Nobody Knows Down And Out.
Down And Out.