Fitzgerald, GA

What yall looking at me like y'all don't have dreams
Just did did one
man ion fuck with nun of you niggas like red necks
Man that's was a good game BUT IT'S ALL ABOUT DEM HEATS
Sometimes I have them thoughts like I'm to REAL 4 dis ish
Of tha top redid it
O yea umma tell on u lol
Look me n my eyes so I know its real
In GED class trying to get it
True ish
Me n my big brother Brennan
I Would follow you but you see tha way my account is set up
Thinking about u
EST. 1988
U see it
My brother
I just did dis picture Damn I love my eyes
Tha old me
Look at that happy girl
My Dude I Ain't go no Worries @Getmedar
Good with the tongue
Me n my mother
Tha good stuff
Cooling it n Fitzgerald Ga
True ish