Firefighting Camp

"Industrial, post-industrial, and abandoned. 6". Firefighting Camp FireFighting  Training Camp  Antincendio Corsoantincendio Riflessi Sull'acqua (sporca) Reflections In The Water( Dirty Water ) Vasca Reservoir Torre Tower Smartphone Photography Galaxy Note 2 Camerazoomfx HDR Eyeemfilter F2 Reflections
"Industrial, post-industrial, and abandoned. 7". Industrial Landscapes Industrial Photography Reservoir Tower Torre Vasca Corsoantincendio Dirty Water  Riflessi Sull'acqua Antincendio FireFighting  Training Camp  Firefighting Camp Reflections HDR Camerazoomfx Galaxy Note 2 Smartphone Photography Reflections In The Water Bracketing Exploring Eyeemfilterthis time Urban 4 Filter
Firefighting Camp
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