Digging & learning

Hello World Children's Portraits Playingatthepark Kidswillbekids Littleman Mysonisadorable Parkfun Outdoor Photography Springiscoming Digging Digger Digging & Learning Diggin' In The Dirt Learningisfun Enjoying Life Februaryphotochallenge Growing Up Park Life
The OO Mission Archeology Archeological Site Archeological Metal Detecting Digging History Digging & Learning Historical Place Historical Site History Uncovered I was invited on a dig at a turn of the century quarantine center at Cape Henalopen, MD. Instead of pre WW1 artifacts I found these M1 carbine shells from a WW2 era military post that was also built at this site. We did locate some building foundations from the quarantine station but not much otherwise. Finding New Frontiers
Digging & Learning about Business Model Generation Business Model Canvas At Internship #powersalescommunications
Digging & Learning
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