Backgrounds Pattern Red Full Frame Modern Textured  No People Close-up Abstract Art Artistic Background Building Classic Color Colorful Colors Culture Decoration Design Done Drawing Europe Good Graffiti Grafitti Graphic Grunge Modern Paint Photography Portugal Spray Street Symbol Tastefully Text Texture Travel Urban Used Wal Abundance Brick Work Bricks In The Wall Chaosmagick Illusion Photography
"Bait & Switch" - My first digital painting and a concept I've grown all too familiar with. Hope u dig :) ©Mc Endzy Art Is Portable With Caseable MyArt My Artwork NEM BadKarma Digital Painting Art, Drawing, Creativity Notes From The Underground Occult Chaosmagick Blue Human Condition Demon Darkart Notes From Underground Painting
°/\¡₩@§§° Sigil(1 of 3) Chaosmagick Sigil Aleister Crowley Darkart Art, Drawing, Creativity Occult Sorcery Blancoynegro Blackandwhite Noiretblanc EyeEm Best Edits Eye4photography  Mobilephotography Skulls Time From My Point Of View (null) Alien Check This Out Art Dark Photography Macabre Horror Photography Horror Notes From The Underground
○°Alchemically Charged Homonuculus°○ I'm the outside... I'm looking in... I can see through you... See your true colors... 'Cause inside you're ugly... Ugly like me... I can see through you... See to the real you.. - Aaron Lewis One Man Only Chaosmagick Snowman Snow ❄ Darkart Darkness And Light Sculpture Notes From The Underground From My Point Of View Night Mobilephotography Frozen Check This Out Art, Drawing, Creativity Outdoors Diary Of A Sick Reality Eye4photography  Homonuculus Selfportrait Illuminated Self Portrait Around The World Winter Creepy Occult Golem
Scotch Egg. Food for nutters. Live To Eat Chaosmagick Texturestyles Blackandwhite thanks @boestbelle for the invite :)
°P@N|}€MØNÆØN° Sigil(3 of 3) Chaosmagick Sigil Notes From The Underground Flower From My Point Of View (null) Check This Out Darkart Manipulation Mobilephotography Flowerporn Alien Sorcery Art, Drawing, Creativity EyeEm Best Edits Occult Eye4photography  Beauty In Nature Visual Statements Psychedelic People Watching Fleurs Unity Nature Abstract
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Abstract Photography Multi Colored Celebration Red No People Large Group Of Objects Close-up Variation Indoors  Day Illusion Photography Chaosmagick Bricks In The Wall Brick Work Abundance Abstract Art Artistic Background Building Classic Color Colorful Colors Culture Decoration Design Done Drawing Europe Good Graffiti Grafitti Graphic Grunge Modern Paint Photography Portugal Spray Street Symbol Tastefully Text Texture Travel Urban Used Wal Textured  Modern Full Frame Red Pattern Backgrounds Technology I Can't Live Without Abstractphotography Smartphone Architecture
Closed doors invite what the open will not... Gateways and portals adjust - loosen knot... The people we've been and the places we saw seem to be trapped in dimensional flaw... Rivers run through all the shadows we see.. the ones that we don't - you had best let them be... The ebb and the flow is a part of us all... The open invite is a trip through the sprawl... Some will pass doors which appear to be locked... Many've been fooled by shadows or mocked...Those who we open to - Trust is implied... Often they close when they find out we lied... Shadows impose on the access to now.. Rivers swell based on what shadows allow... The choice was apparent, the warning sincere... The in door ran out of the exit right here. Light And Shadow Darkness And Light Chaosmagick Dark Photography Occult Black And White Blackandwhite Photography Blancoynegro Black & White Darkness Check This Out Noiretblanc Notes From The Underground EyeEm Best Shots - Black + White Bnw Devil In The Detail Symbols Light Macabre Art, Drawing, Creativity Poetry Doorporn
Queue queasy quandaries. A quest for quintessence. Quack-produced quaaludes quick quiet our quivering. Quotients and quantities ... quality-tested ... questionable quotas quite quit-proof yet quavering. Q Notes From The Underground Happycolortrip Pills Drugs Alliteration Rhymes Art, Drawing, Creativity Medicated Darkart The Gloom That Breathes Upon Me Check This Out Eye4photography  Further Down The Rabbit Hole. Insomniac_collection Chaosmagick Occult Mobilephotography Circles Yellow Blue Saturatedcolors White The Places I've Been Today Human Condition Resist
The denial of luck is an interesting paradox. The reasons one would say "I'm not lucky," typically has to do with bad luck. The positive stigma given to luck is erroneously assumed on an hourly basis. A cursed object or place may be unlucky... It may be a positive thing to negative organisms. How lucky is a ghost to meet a human? The same mixed connotation applies to Chaos. Serendipity cannot exist without some form of chaos. Sometimes we need to have examples of tragedy and go unwillingly or willingly down unwanted paths to truly find what we are going to make a part of us. Without a maelstrom of tests and measures - we may not be given the chance to reveal hidden emotions or overcome fears. Serendipity cannot be found when searched for...neither can chaos because searching for chaos is indeed order. Luck does not require our belief in it to show itself.... We may require luck to continue tho... Liquid Lunch Beer Darkart Chaosmagick Light And Shadow Dark Photography Books Ale Nightlife Chaos Serendipity Philosophy Reality Is The Only Word In The Language That Should Always Be Used In Quotes Drinking My Bedside Table Religion Art Check This Out Shadows & Lights One Light Source Human Condition Occult Notes From The Underground
⊙°L¡fè I$ @ K¡|lę®°⊙ Faith Hello World Jesus Late Night Snacks Perfekt Day Darkart Hugs Love Smile Notes From The Underground Reality Is The Only Word In The Language That Should Always Be Used In Quotes There Will Come A Time When Time Goes Out The Window EyeEm Best Edits Night Photography Nightlife Dark Photography All The Neon Lights FuckYou Art Chaosmagick Occult Macabre Religion America Light And Shadow
A candle projects 12.57 lumens... The LUX of the sun is approximately 98k... This doesn't mean 7.8 k candles are equivalent to the sun because they won't physically fit into the same area of measurement criteria. How many lumens does an aura expel? How many does an orb or ectoplasm? How many lumens does the white light at the end of our existence give off when our brain discovers our impending doom and relies on DMT to produce an interruption because we simply aren't built to handle death?.... No one would measure these things. No one measures the truth and what angle it comes out at or the reach, it's density, the apogee of it's enlightenment or pain. No one except a multiverse that we assume holds definition of limit based on our inability to comprehend the actuality of a percieved universal will brought upon us by our own definition of it's opposition.... That doesn't mean the truth won't infect us or affect us... It just means our naivety, morality, adaptation and perception are limited to a qualifying common registry of it's description and that we can recognize deception - yet may not label it correctly. It does mean that 1 truth is equivalent to 2 - 98k + truths... What we can fit into the same area... We will 93/93 Notes From The Underground Darkart Chaosmagick Eye4photography  Truth From My Point Of View EyeEm Best Edits Skulls Light And Shadow Mobilephotography Skeleton Dark Photography Darkness And Light Art, Drawing, Creativity Dark Energy Flame Candle Light In The Darkness Deep Deep Thoughts Light Sigil Melting Wax Occult