Ballhaus grünau

"It's not a good day, if you are not looking good. This is the best party that I've ever been to. Today I asked for a god to pour some vine in my eyes. Today I asked for someone to shake some salt on my life. Look! Everything's spinning. Never cheer before you know who's winning...Don't let me die with that silly look in my eyes!" (Faith no more) Abandoned Buildings Urbex The Devil's In The Detail Light And Shadow
TheMinimals (less Edit Juxt Photography)
Rock'n'Roll Bw_collection Self Portrait Abandoned Buildings Supersize Yourself With Whitewall The New Self-PortraitShot by my dear friend @grygier, edit by me. Welcome To Black
abandoned piano Art And Craft Graffiti Creativity Multi Colored Built Structure Wall - Building Feature Day Street Art Architecture Wall
Beauty Of Decay
"Here I sit. A vampire at my piano. The flames burn glaringly higher. And the eyes that stare through the darkness. Though they have no form there's no need for alarm. So burn, so burn, burn the flames!" (Roky Erickson) Abandoned Buildings Monochrome NEM Derelict Urbex
Abandoned Places Graffiti Street Art
"We could be two straight lines in a crooked world they've created." (Chelsea Wolfe) Abandoned Buildings Monochrome Urbex Light And Shadow
Abandoned Light And Shadow Beauty Of Decay Abandoned Buildings
Abandoned Buildings Urbex NEM Derelict EyeEm Best Shots
Fuse Box
Fish Bw_collection Abandoned Buildings Urbex Writing On The Walls
Beauty Of Decay Abandoned
Abandoned Buildings Urbex Beauty Of Decay NEM Derelict
"At times you see a ghost down on the street. Walks the hallway knocking door to door. Where are you from night til 9am? Only a dark skinned jesus knows why suddenly a room is turning cold. Cold is nowhere." (Lanegan) Urbex Light And Shadow NEM Derelict Abandoned Buildings
Urban Exploration
Come in! Abandoned Buildings Urbex EyeEm Best Shots NEM Derelict
Exploring Urban Exploration Urbex