Dayton <3

Waiting For Spring Mondaymorning Snow Day ❄ Dayton <3
It's a lovely day.....enjoy it Smile Hi! Just Thinking Dayton <3
Taking Photos Hi! That's Me Dayton <3
IPhoneography Winter Dayton <3 Goodmorning :)
Listening To Music Good Nite Dayton <3 Happy  Sunday
Hey Na.... Hi! That's Me Dayton <3 Taking Photos
Well Hello Good Morning! Hi! Check This Out Dayton <3
I think this pic is Kool....I hope u will agree.... Dayton <3 IPhoneArtism Check This Out IPhoneography
Good Morning Family....The Day can B What ever U make It...Make It A Great One...Much Love!!!!!....Smoochies Smile Good Morning! Check This Out Dayton <3
Snow Day Hi! Dayton <3 Oh Well Life Goes On
Trainbridge Daytonohio 2007 Dayton <3 Trains
New Hair (: Stressed Out... Ohio GoodNight ❤✌ Dayton <3
Hanging Out Dayton <3 Life Love
I love Sea Turtles.... Swimming Enjoying Nature Check This Out Dayton <3
"Y Turn Down"...."TURN UP" Enjoying Life Check This Out Dayton <3 Great Experience
If U look At this piece closely ...u can C that it contains everyday items Made into a WORK OF ART ArtWork Check This Out Black Art Dayton <3
Fashion Dayton <3 Discovering Great Works well what can I say COLOR makes it Better....I know U Agree.... The Black Lens
Dayton <3 Note5
The Great Nelson Mandela is gone....but the WORLD will never Forget him....neither will I History Historical R.I.P. Dayton <3
Merry Christmas Merry Xmas Dayton <3 Happy Holidays Check This Out
Hey wat up Family....Smoochies Smile Enjoying Life Thatss Mee ❤ Dayton <3
I think that BITCH "Spring"...has an Attitude....Big time!!! Waiting For Spring Snow Day Sitting Here Thinking It Through... Dayton <3
Happy Friday Hi! That's Me Dayton <3 Taking Photos
the Midnight Moon.....Freakin Awesome Moon IPhoneography Dayton <3 AMPt_Nature
I like the fact you can blend your pics and create some very kool Art... Hi! Check This Out That's Me Dayton <3
Good morning is "Thankful Thursday"....enjoy & Remain Blessed...Much Love Good Morning! Hi! Thinking About Life Dayton <3
Loving Good Music Dayton <3 Hanging Out Nice Atmosphere
Aint nothing like the support of yo " The Crew".....kickin it Hanging Out Dayton <3 Enjoying Life Great Vibes
Mastermine Production's was in the building.... Nice Atmosphere IPhoneography Dayton <3 ThatsMe
Hanging Out Smile Enjoying Life Dayton <3
Have a fantastic day Hi! Check This Out Snow Day ❄ Dayton <3
giving New Meaning to the phrase "Duck N da Shade" Taking Photos Check This Out EyeEm Nature Lover Dayton <3
Good Morning! Just Thinking Sitting Here Thinking It Through... Dayton <3
Smile Good Morning! Just Thinking Dayton <3
Check This Out Just Thinking Sitting Here Thinking It Through... Dayton <3
Yep They COOL like That Hanging Out Dayton <3 Hello World Cheese!
It's Dark, Gloomy, & a rainy Day....but that's the only way 2 get these.... Enjoy✌ Smile Good Morning! Thinking About Life Dayton <3
this is an amazing pic....thats a Tiger Rite Check This Out EyeEm Nature Lover Enjoying Nature Dayton <3
Winter IPhoneography IPhone4s Dayton <3
Yo what up doe!!! Taking Photos ArtWork Hi! Dayton <3
Hanging Out Enjoying Life Check This Out Dayton <3
I be Trying to TELL'Em That's Me Just Thinking Thinking About Life Dayton <3
Justice For Trayvon Martin Dayton <3 Check This Out Hello World
I love the Snow....and taking pics cause it don't last long... IPhoneography Blackandwhite Winter Dayton <3
I'm giving out Rose to the Unsung MOTHERS OUT There Happy Mother's Day! Check This Out That's Me Dayton <3
Hey Na.....wat up doe.... ThatsMe Dangerously Sexy Dayton <3 IPhoneography
Good Morning! Hi! That's Me Dayton <3
I am N Shock....this is My Reality this morning.... NoJustice4Trayvon Justice4Trayvin Justice4TRAYVON Check This Out Dayton <3
when we learn to stop complaining...we will in turn find something To Be GRATEFUL for.... Dayton <3 Check This Out Hello World Enjoying The Sun
TDayton <3 Justice4TRAYVON here must B JUSTICE 4 Trayvon....this could your Son... Check This Out Photo