What are we doing?

It's sad to see that two years of your life with another person, and all of your memories together can be packed in a bag, as if everything could be thrown away like garbage. Breakup One Week Gotta Get Thru This Past Alone Flowers Lost What Are We Doing? Where Are You?
Plastic found on beach by Wind Point Lighthouse Racine WI. This was all picked up in about a 20 square foot area :( Multi Colored High Angle View No People Variation Large Group Of Objects Directly Above Abundance Shape Close-up Plastic Pollution Of The Environment Found On Beach Wind Point Racine WI Pieces From Many Plastic Products What Are We Doing? Huge Problem How Many Can You Identify Wildlife Killer On There Way To Micro Plastics Found In Area About 10 Ft X 10 Ft How Much Is On This Whole 200 Yard Beach? Sad Shameful Acts We Need To Do Better Use Less PLASTIC