DONT hate what you dont understand

DONT Hate What You Dont Understand
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The pitbull is percieved as an agressive animal that is a killer, due to its history as being bred specifically to create (in my opinion) fighting violent killing machines. Because of this, the pitbull is labled as dangerous. But that is not true; with the proper training and a loving stable home these beautiful dogs turn into loving, playful, and well behaved individuals like my friends pitbull Rombo. It is a shame how people will make a generalization about a certain breed and not take any effort to actually explore their soft sides and bring out the best in these animals. The same goes for rotwilers and bulldogs too. Dog Lover Beauty In Creation  And Pitbulls Are Bad ? Judgemental People Tho  DONT Hate What You Dont Understand Every Picture Tells A Story... From My Point Of View EyeEm Animal Lover California
DONT Hate What You Dont Understand
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