Ozark, MO

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Love waking up to the squirrels playing in the trees.
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4th of July!
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
Check This Out Cool story about these Surprise Lilies. I just thought they were pretty flowers outside my folks house. These flowers/bulbs have been handed down from my Mom's side of the family. Her great grandmother, who passed in 1955, loved flowers. Apparently she had flowers all over her house throughout her life. These lilies were in pots outside her house...she loved them. When she died my great grandmother, along with other kids got some of the her lilies. She planted them at her place...when she passed my grandmother, and her siblings got the lilies. My grandmother (she's 94 and amazing!) gave her kids some of the flowers to pass on the tradition. 3 days ago they were about an inch off the pot and just green they are up and out. Cool. That's my mom in 1955 next to my Great Great Grandmother. Many times flowers have a much more deep meaning than just being flowers. Photolife Missouri Taking Photos Love Family