Sage Strand Bar

So great to see three of my favourite EyeEmers in person today EverchangingBerlin EyeEm Connecting People
Streetphotography Chillaxing Blackandwhite Enjoying The Sun
My Fuckin Berlin It's a long way to Mexico City. Signs Brickporn Going Home Mercedes-Benz
My Fuckin Berlin Mediaspree wächst drüben in Friedrichshain Spree Gentrification
Cocktails Beer Drink View Beach
Look Up
Spreeglück Spree Berlin Strand
Vintage Cars 'Three Is A Magic Number'
Great Atmosphere Havin Fun
Spreeglück River Beach Kreuzberg Spree
City beach City Beach
My First Pic On EyeEm 3.0. What's Yours?
Hanging Out