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A-bomb survivors suffering from burns and other injuries. This photo by Yoshito Matsushige. About 11 a.m., August 6 2,270 m from the hypocenter, at the west end of Miyuki Bridge, Senda-machi. This important photograph depicts the state of A-bomb survivors on the day of the explosion. A-bomb Survivors Blackandwhite Foolishness Hiroshima Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum Historical Photographs Japan Misery Nightmare Survivors War War Photography
Hovering Between Life and Death... The atomic bomb detonated with a blinding flash about 600 meters in the air. All buildings whthin two kilometers of the hypo-center were crushed to rubble and burned. The clothes people wore were charred by intense thermal rays. Covered in blood, clothes in tatters, those who were able fled their devastated city. Atomic Bomb Bonfire Built Structure Burning Firewood Flame Foolishness Heat - Temperature Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum Misery Smoke - Physical Structure War Waxwork
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