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The world is beautiful. My boyfriend is my best friend and my love. My job sucks, but it could be worse and I could have no job at all. Financial stability is a stone's throw away. There are no reasons to not be positive anymore. Pma
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Need to calm my soul today. I realized I've been carrying so much ugliness around in my heart, trying to deny myself the things I really want. Taking some time to realign myself. Goodvibes GoodVibesOnly Pma Photography Sarahswinfordphotography Pond
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Questa la dedico @pizzastyle e @pearlhc che domani saranno la coppia più bella del mondo! Omatrimonio Pizzastyle Pma
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40/366 | Stumbled upon an idea of mine from last year for that I completely forgot about, but is so connected to the roots of this little online magazine. That is why journals such as this one are so important for me. I'm a notorious dreamer--an idea machine--and while I'm often told that my ideas aren't always "realistic," I know that with hard work and dedication, all positive ideas I'd like to contribute to the world will have their time. Afterall, 3 years ago, The Golden Bullet was just an idea jotted on a post-it, which--thankfully--I didn't misplace. Guess the Universe agrees that now is the time for this next idea to be shared. I hope y'all stay tuned. ✌ 😚 Ideasgrowhere Pma Keepdreaming 366Project Day40 Goldenbullet366 Notebooks  Ecofriendly Flatlay Forthedreamers Ideamachine Notoriousdreamers Fruition Allideasaregoodideas Positiveoutlook Positivementalattitude Thegoldenbullet Onlinemagazine Visualstorytelling Digitaljournalism Nextsteps KeepMovingForward
Let us visit history..Welcome to PMA.. Philippine Military Acadamy..1.7 Pma Vscocam Military History Philippines Baguio
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"Life is supposed to be a series of peaks and valleys. The secret is to keep the valleys from becoming grand canyons." -Bernard Williams ✌ 🌻 💖 🌻 ✌ Goodvibes Pma Pmaallday Positivevibes Positivethinking PositiveQuotes Sarahswinfordphotography Grandcanyon
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The 18 O.U.T.L.A.W.S back stage at probate...Pma TSU SPR13 EtaXi
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Humbling Spaces. The two that were once here, what crimes had they already committed? What were they conspiring? Were they nervous, scared... did they even care? Did the folks in neighboring rooms have any idea who was next door? Were the random hallway encounters awkward or pleasant? So many thoughts Live To Learn Allday Noregrets Pma Abandoned Texas Urbex Explore FujiX100T Bonnieandclyde
daybreak Sunrise Railroad Create Pma Inspire NoDak Noregrets Allday
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Patterns of the past.. Pma Vscocam Military History Philippines Baguio
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