Radio Royaal

Chimera arrived at the Area 51.
The Chimera Be-Mag wheels. Out now!
Chimera at the Winterclash 2013.
Preparing a booth for the annual Winterclash is a shit load of work. But it's worth it...! LOVE WINTERCLASH!
The Chimera Renaissance zip hooded and tote bag.
The Chimeras: Harmanus bros, Hyden & Ridder
The new Adapts. The complete Be-Mag skate comes with Chimera wheels.
Winterclash 2013. Konni Harmanus.
Our friend Pieter from Adapt explains all the new features.
The all new Chimera Renaissance Collection.
Chimeras Ben Harmanus signing the Adapt poster.
Adapts Olga and Jojo Jacobi having a good time.
Patrick Ridders hammer time!
Marco Sichau representing Chimera.
Konni & Marco.
The new Harmanus wheel. Let's roll.
So hot right now. Chimera metal stickers.
Get your Harmanus mustache at the Chimera booth. For free!
Winterclashs tradeshow manager Ray checking out the Chimera booth.
The crowd is checking out the new Chimera and Adapt stuff!
Old Factory