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Street Art Stencil Mona Lisa Rocketeer or rocket launch in 6:47 :P
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Back to finding old things again due to boxes being moved and sorted through. Of course, I didn't realize exactly how much was being gone through while I watched anime in my dark room hiding from light. Phew. Rocketeer Folder Oldstuff Awesome childhoodiscalling thethingsonefinds
I think it's about time I let everyone know...sigh...I'm the Rocketeer guys :(...hopefully we can still be friends. Imdifferent ImThatGuy Rocketeer Superhero WithGreatPowerComesGreatResponsability AndChicks ICanFlyBitch Flying ItsFunnyWhenYouHaveLoadsOfStupidHastagsAndThenOneSeriousOne Drugs
ロケッティア ではないよ。 な、 いちずすたいる。 01s_style Minimal Minimalist Minimalism not Rocketeer
Movie with a great soundtrack Rocketeer
Snowboarding Rocketeer