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"Can you imagine a time when the truth ran free? The birth of a song, the death of a dream Closer to the edge" Way Longway Perspective Edge Thoughts Gloomy Alone Calm Truths Death Depth Onepoint 30secondstomars Interior Architecture Shadow Darkness Shades Light Lightandshadow Reflection Blackandwhite Black College Abandonedplaces doors corridos htc htcphotography
My life exactly. ❤️ Coffee Truths Tumblr Food mornings crack betterthancrack hugsnotdrugs instatruth instalove relatable facts tbt forrealthough
Day 5: Handwriting // A few days late on account of me being sick and... Lazy. Ha. Either way, I just decided to write down 6 random facts && thoughts. Truths Imissyou Decemberchallenge
The48LawsOfPower is Real ! 10 Truths ABOUT People : 1. Most people are too imprisoned in the moment to plan with any kind of foresight. 2. They do not possess the ability to ignore immediate dangers. 3. People believe that pleasure translate into power. 4. They are powerless of being able to overcome the natural human tendency to react to things as they happen. 5. They have not taken the time to train themselves, to step back, imagining the larger things taking shape beyond their immediate vision. 6. Most people believe that they are in fact aware of the future that they are planning and thinking ahead. 7. They are only succumbing to their desires, to what they want the future to be. 8. Their plans are vague, based on their imaginations rather than their reality. 9. They may believe they are thinking all the way to the end. 10. They are really only focusing on the happy ending, and deluding themselves by the strength of their desire. See more at:
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