David's first pic of NYC. NYC Photography NYC Street Class Trip East Coast 8thGrade 2015
TBT  School 8thGrade Fun Happy Love Ship Enjoying Life Middle School Hanging Out
I miss you guys! 😭💕*insert Cj and Bryan Lunatixx 8thGrade Reunited
Modern Mona Lisa Monalisa Art Project 8thGrade
TBT  to 8thGrade Qualitytrampolinetime Justgrassythings
CRABTREEEE!! Throwback 8thGrade
Dance 8thGrade Tigerpride  Beautiful People Beauty Two People Evening Gown Friendship TIMEFORHIGHSCHOOL
TBT  Me 8thGrade Lunching Cutee yess I did that..
My drawing from back in 8th grade TBT  8thGrade Jones Bluejays naruto sharingan bloodyeye
Tonight was the 8th grade chorus last performance and I've had a great time singing with all of our guys. We've aggravated each other, laughed at each other, cried with each other , just about anything and even though we've definitely had our ups and downs I love every single one of you guys Chorus 8thGrade Lastpreformance ????
Close-up Childhood Headshot Smiling 8thGrade
Thanks @lainecav for this! Regram TBT  8thGrade Reunitedinphilly
Throwing it back to 8th Grade Last Dance! #lastdance #8thgrade #tbt #throwback #goodtimes #goodvibes #memories #nostalgia Memories GoodTimes Nostalgia Throwback TBT  Goodvibes 8thGrade Lastdance
TBT  8thGrade
In this picture i was in 8thGrade & Rene was a freshman... Throwback of me & Renededios Imisshereveryday Lostlove =(
From 8th grade to 10th grade.... Lord have mercy... I have changed!!! Throwbacktuesday Omg 8thGrade 10thgrade
HUUUGE throwback 8thGrade Amber
End of the year shaving cream fight TBT  8thGrade Bff @brittsutton
Throwback Thursday! Concert Ericchurch Brantleygilbert 8thGrade mybff greatnight
These days I misss TBT  Cute Love 8thGrade Bestfriend \sister Happiness @manii_0123