Asia Square Tower One

"Up ahead in a distance I saw a simmering light" Urban Geometry Architecture Vanishing Point Monochrome Geometric Shapes Darkness And Light
Morning Light | Urban Geometry The Secret Spaces
Noisy yet so quiet when you're alone
Hey Ho Lets Go from home to work we go. I Love My Job
Enjoying A Meal Singapore Artisan Boulanger Had a great lunch with Brothers Mark and JC at Asia Square's Cube. One meat. One veggie. Plums. ABC pastries. Scrambled Egg. Bossa Nova and Jazz Music.
Asian square in the night Taking Photos Hello World Hanging Out Check This Out
X-man - Into the light Monochrome Light And Shadow Supernormal Vanishing Point Geometric Shapes Darkness And Light The Architect - 2015 EyeEm Awards Creative Light And Shadow