La Rouge

Monochrome_life Monochrome Blackandwhite Dosta! Esmeralda And Alicia Documentary Photography Dancing
Un toit, un droit Esmeralda And Alicia Dosta! Photography Documentary Monochrome Monochrome_life Blackandwhite
Color Gestures People Art Music On Stage Dancing Alicia on stage at La Rouge Raval. Stay tuned for the complete gallery on my blog... Esmeralda And Alicia Dosta!
Esmerálda and Alicia are two women representative of Romani people. They were invited by photographer Jordi Oliver (which I recommend) to his presentation of the work "Alicia, Princess of freedom" held on April 18 at La Rouge Raval in Barcelona. Romani people suffer continuous injustices, particularly in France, with evictions and illegal expulsions, being citizens of the EU. See the complete gallery of the evening at Photography Documentary Color Dosta! Esmeralda And Alicia
Documentary Photography Dosta! Esmeralda And Alicia Color Microphone Spotted Details
Dancing portrait of Alicia Color Red Dancing Esmeralda And Alicia Dosta! Movement