The Works

LOL Mane Ths Shxt Scrumpshish
U Smell Tht!!! Lookin Ahhs Nigga
What You Eatinn Dee ?? Lol
Angry PitBull Lookin Ahhs Nigga
Aint NoMore Noodles
Gerbal Lookin Ahhs Nigga
Guess What .......... "WTF u Want "
U Got It Tht Right!!! Lookin Ahhs Nigga
Mane Back TF Up This Is MINE !!
ionWant Yo Food Dee!! We Cool Mane ! Lmfao
DIRTY Nose Ahhs Nigga
Operation Get The Damn Noodles Lol
We Jus Bought Another Pack Of Noodles
Shxt Good Aint It
She Cryin Aint NoMore CornBread
Wat The Hell Is On Her Lips
Dee Said TF Wrong Wit You Tryna Touch Mii Plate
Ima Get Them Damn Noodles
iWill (: ......... iLoveYou Babe Happy Valentines Day
Like If You On A Team
Yea Smashin Ahhs Nigga
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