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Everyday Education other place in Mexico city DF Since the thirties, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo harbored the notion of inheriting the people of Mexico two museums. The first, Anahuacalli, more than 50,000 Hispanic Protects the teacher Collected pieces THROUGHOUT His Life. The second -called Azul- House, Where I lived Frida Kahlo, houses works and objects of His universe. Above all, Retains much of the environment in Which she lived. In 1955, Rivera FORMED a trust With the Bank of Mexico to manage and monitor compliance With the Provisions Relating to the two museums. On the death of the artist, Anahuacalli was under construction. His daughter, Ruth Rivera, and architect Juan O'Gorman oversaw the completion of architectural museum, thanks to the generosity of Dolores Olmedo, it was completed in 1963 and opened in 1964. Make Magic Happen Check This Out Looking Into The Future Top Secret Mission RePicture Travel Getting Inspired Reflected Glory I Love You ❤ Enjoying Life .
Top Secret Mission Tourists Visiting Sightseeing Being A Tourist Bern, Switzerland Switzerland Being A Tourist Sightseeing Tourists EyeEm Gallery EyeEm Best Shots Top Secret Mission Eyem Gallery Taking Photos Streetphoto_color Streetphotography Street
From The Rooftop from part south to north view Exploring New Ground Make Magic Happen Magic Moments Top Secret Mission Looking Into The Future Fantastic Exhibition Everyday Education Getting Inspired This My Last Photo From Minneapolis
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Someone is watching you... Another picture of my final bachelor work "Wir. Im Fokus". It's about the all over monitoring of the secret services like NSA, CIA & MI6. Tell me what do you think about that theme. 3/14 Wir. Im Fokus NSA Cia Top Secret Mission Secret Service Edward Snowden Monitoring Landscape Landscape_Collection Landscape_photography
Top Secret Mission The New Self-Portrait
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Ich hab das Herz von einem Löwen und mach jeden Platt.. Ich flieg durch die Wüste wie ein Motherfucking Sandsturm :-* Enjoying Life That's Me Top Secret Mission
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Everyday Education other part my city. The Templo Mayor was one of the main temples of the Aztecs In Their Capital city of Tenochtitlan, now Mexico City Which is. Its architectural style belongs to the late Postclassic period of Mesoamerica. The Templo Mayor Museum opened on October 12, 1987 and has received so far, more than thirteen million visitors. Its creation was the result of archaeological excavations by the Templo Mayor Project in Its first season, Between 1978 and 1982, Which Were Made under the direction of Eduardo Matos Moctezuma and allowed to recover a collection of over 7000 objects, as well as vestiges of the Great Temple of Tenochtitlan and some surrounding buildings. This gave rise to the initiative of building a museum to showcase This collection and at the same time complement the visit of the archaeological site.   This exhibition is divided into eight rooms, four in the south side and as many on the north side. Original The museum project is based on the same distribution Templo Mayor, was worshiped Which two divinities: Huitzilopochtli, sun god of war and patron of the Aztecs, Whose chapel was on the south side of the building, Tlaloc, god of rain Directly linked to agriculture, Whose temple occupied the north side. THUS, the first four rooms are dedicated to Huitzilopochtli and broad-war sense, Including products Obtained by the Aztecs through Their territorial gains, while the last four are acerca Tlaloc, agriculture and exploitation Mexica That naturally made of resources in general.   The main place it Occupies lobby, since 2010, the magnificent and impressive polychrome relief depicting the goddess of the earth, Tlaltecuhtli, Most sculptural piece of Mexica That bill has been found. Their discovery Took place on October 2, 2006 and can be seen the original color with a superb restoration work. Meanwhile, in the main part of the second level of the museum is another stellar piece de este exhibition: the great circle embossed Represents the moon goddess, Coyolxauhqui monolith; ITS Importance due not only to its size and beauty, But Also Because It was thanks to His accidental discovery, Which occurred on the morning of February 21, 1978 That Initiated the Templo Mayor Project, Whose fruit is everything today can appreciate day visit WHO this place.   The daily work of all staff working at the Templo Mayor Museum is on track to meet the overall Objectives of the National Institute of Anthropology and History, Which are research, disseminate, preserve and protect the pre-Hispanic and colonial heritage of Mexico. At the same time, His collection has Increased, thanks to the work done That Has Been Urban Archaeology Program at the perimeter of the ancient sacred precinct of Tenochtitlan from 1991, while Their Contributions to the knowledge of Mexica society Have Been constant and fruitful through studies Conducted by the Researchers of the museum. Mexico City Make Magic Happen Hello World Looking Into The Future Top Secret Mission RePicture Travel Getting Inspired Reflected Glory I Love You ❤......this video give little more life to this photo..... Teotihuacan, Mexico: Incredible !: Ancient Pyramids .
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Someone is watching you... Second picture of my final bachelor work "Wir. Im Fokus" It's about the all over monitoring of the secret services like NSA, CIA & MI6. Tell me what do you think about that theme. 2/14. Top Secret Mission Secret Service Wir. Im Fokus NSA Cia Edward Snowden Monitoring Big Data Urban Landscape Drone
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Forgotten Alleyways this photo was so dark from the shadow cast .. but I think ... It's ok .. a little lights but .. Backstreets & Alleyways Old Town Old Alleyways Crest Whats This? Carving Top Secret Mission Old Buildings
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In the maze :: Being A Tourist and Taking Photos on a Top Secret Mission in the Centre Of Power