Princeton Park

Im Simply , Mrs. Jones (: Love It Wifey♡ Good Morning✌♥ In Lovee
The Other Day
He Gotta Good Girl (:
He Already Knowinq .
He Fuckinq On Somethinq Foreiqn ! *: Follow Me Dangerously Sexy Late Upload ✌ Being Silly :)
me an ma family gettin ots!
Last Niqhts Dopee . (: High Life Gonee #Dope♡
Hoes Comee && Go , Buh Who Always Gonee Be There ! Me ( The Wifee ] Because At The End Of The Day , He Comes Home To Me Everyday . && I Sleep In His Bed Every Niqht . This MY Husband && Mfs Think Im Goinq Somewhere ? Lls , He Not Lettinq Me Go Soooo Yall
Me && My Studs (: #Pride
They Know How We Rockinq .! I Lovee My Driller (:
In Lovee
Its day like this that keepah smile on my face an swishers in my life dope!! stupid
folks nem matchin dope an bottles ots
I Represent ! 7.20.12 <3
Fresh Out The Shower
Decided To Count Our Chunk Chanqe (: Good Morning World!
Beautiful #CoolinqIt Extendo
Man , I Remeber This Day . My Whole Lifee Chanqed That Niqht , Lls . We Was Off Them Hittas ! #Rollinq Pills Rolling Fucked Up #throwback Late Upload ✌
Me && Ram-One (: Summer Memories...
Real Bxtch , No Knock Off . These Bxtches Actinq Likee They Not Soft ! #LastNiqht
late night bake!
some more ah dat don trip by DJ Drama folks ON!!
them eyes be getn me sometimes!
My Bae Got Upp && Cooked Me Breakfast This Morninq ! This Why I Do Him The Way I Do . <3 #Lovee
thas ma mf'in Dog thas ma Bitch!
that's just wat I do!
On ma Block shit 068-069 shit walkin ma Dogs
We so jojo world 068-069 catch up rip jojo A1 since Day One
Phuck Yo Riqht Hand , Mines BETTER ! ☆ We Was Turnt ↑↑↑ At Baee Crib ! (:
No lie long blunts! fa dem Shortys!
training her off tha leash!
mf'ers need ta listen ta dat Dude don Trip
Insane females too they asses on the edge!
help is on the way couse that niggah don trip Hot!!! check um out an if u like him send me ah comment!
Coolinq Until My Bae Comee Home .
Shower Flow
Smoking Playing Wit Change!!!?
Summer 2012