Chalmers tekniska högskola

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Woohoo!! Spring is there ♡ ღ ❀❁❀✾❃
Here starts the count down for Chalmers kortege. Music is on and students are preparing the area where they will live for next week and half till 1sf of May.
Inspired by @snubben_bw. I myself should be paying more attention too. Taking Photos When I Should Be Studying/Working
Gothenburg Winter Clouds
Haha... That's a funny one! One of my colleague wrote on his whiteboard: sitting on WC ッ I guess he meant sitting on Väg- och Vatten Chalmers (VVC), i e, Chalmers architecture building ✌✍ ヅ ╰☆╮
Dagens (be)visa
Another day, another equation... Mathematics Studying
2014 Party Light And Shadow Gothenburg
Horse chestnut Tree
Glider in på en räkmacka
Unnar mig en Riesling
Hanging Out
Tentamys i Laplace! First Eyeem Photo
Congrats to the new Doctor in thermo-acoustic instabilities.