Just for shits & giggles

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Are you Timon or Pumba? ... I needed some added Inspirations for this week's Hakuna Matata (No Worries) theme Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge I found it in this very scientific quiz I decided to go with Caterpillar (in lieu of slug) because of their appetite for Bugs | Insect Paparazzi Macro Stripes And Dots Greenery Foliage Summer Memories 🌄 Lyrical Madness Lyrics In My Head | fyi Just For Shits & Giggles my daughter & I both got "Pumba"! Nature's Diversities The Great Outdoors - 2016 EyeEm Awards The Essence Of Summer Colour Of Life Maximum Closeness
Just For Shits & Giggles .. Cats Of EyeEm . My Edit Only..
Just For Shits & Giggles
Just For Shits & Giggles