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@jakemillermusic New Merch!:D Happy Military Monday! I need this! Jakemiller JakeMillerMusic MilitaryMonday
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i got life, i got love, i got faith and thats enough. we feel sorrow we feel pain, but theres sunshine after rain. im alrighhhht. JakeMillerMusic Jakemiller Inspired Getright life love life embracethegoodshit allyouneedislove peoplewhomatter instagood instalike likeforlike keepmoving amazing moveon
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Now his friends were dressin' different, barely recognized 'em Everyday was Halloween, costume had disguised 'em Girls covered in make up to make up for the insecurities Guys were actin tough to make up for their immaturity Yeah but he always followed his heart Once he almost gave in, but knew it wouldn't be smart Cause it's hard to stay the same in a world that's always changing He looked around to find he was the only one remaining Who wasn't just another face in the crowd And in that moment, he never felt so proud He knew he wasn't just another face in the crowd He never let the thoughts of others get in his way Hey and that's what made him into the man he is today Sing! Jakemiller Millertime282 JakeMillerMusic Like me there is no one like me