Terraza 7 Train Cafe

Script review... ©Byron Guinanzaca. Script Terraza7 Newyorkcity
Chillin Terraza7 Last Drink, I Promise
Danza. ©ByronGuinanzaca Bar Terraza7
This is how this project has me... Filmmaker NewyorkcityNew
This is how I hang out with my people. Bar Terraza7 Just Chillin
"La superstición trae mala suerte" -Umberto Eco. Beer Bar Terraza7
BAGA ... hidden message. ©Byron Guinanzaca. Wood Bar Bagastudios in the house!
NYC Night Out
Warm poison. ©ByronGuinanzaca Drinks Warm
My favorite place has booze!!! ©Byron Guinanzaca. Terraza7 Queens NYC Bar
Cherry Drinks Cherry
whiskey and coke ... ughhh Newyorkcity Drinks
saturday night klubbing...
end of photo grid