Dont Mess With Us' Check This Out Enjoying Life Shes Like A Sister<3 Just Alike In Every Way BestfriendsForEver I Love This Photo ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ My Bestfriend <3 I Love This Girl :) This Week On Eyeem This Week On Eye Em Girlfriend THANK GOD! This girl came into my life. I trust you with anything and everything and youre always there for me and i will always be there for you girl.
Lake Wakatipu Newzealand Queenstown Newzealand Scenery THANK GOD! Beauty
TGIF! THANK GOD! Bitch Im Fabulous. :* Just Keeping It Real LOL
The first week of School is almost over, THANK GOD! Friday Is Coming! Getting that last bit of studying done! Big Smile For That!
Walking Alone... Park Nature Photography Enjoying Life THANK GOD!
Flower Nature Beauty In Nature Orange Color Green Color Plant Close-up THANK GOD!
First 2 exams over...9 more to go Exams THANK GOD! Fuck Exams
Valetines Day Pink Warm THANK GOD!
真的很感謝主。因著家裏的工作,接著又認識主,造就出我現在對家人的責任感,這是25歲以前的我總體會不到也很難辦到的。現在卻又更熱愛自己的工作性質與內容,真的很哈利路亞!雖然還是有許多方面需要加強,我會繼續謙卑的領受與學習,求主保守我心,不因懂了會了什麼而有驕傲的心。就算有多會,我也會謙卑的複習:) Responsibility Stay Humble THANK GOD!
Bloom Light Shadows Blooming Flower Autumn colors Desert Flower Beverly Hills Los Angeles, California Thanksgiving THANK GOD! Perspective Red Green Palm Tree Sky