Schtroumpfette Balerina Opéra Smurfette  Paris Emptyopera XPERIA XperiaZ3 ICAN
Shades Of Grey Black And White Nostalgia Retro Vintage Toys Smurfette  VW Beetle Classic Car Beetle
Foryou Smurfette  Smurf Valentine Valentine's Day  St Valentine's Day St Valentin Amour Gift
"Oh my God, look at that puppy standing on the roof! He's so cute! Maybe be I can move to the colorful little house to live with him, and then I don't have to sleep in a Chinese cabbage anymore." Smurfette imagined. Thesmurfs Schlumpf Smurfs Smurfette  puppy colorfulhouse Chinese cabbage
St Valentine's Day St Valentin ❤ St Valentin St Valentine Saint Valentin Smurf Smurfette  Schtroumpf Schtroumpfette Schtroumpf Et Schroumpfette Schtroumpfer Laowa105mm Laowa Beaubourg Centre Pompidou Paris Tour Eiffel Amour Amoureux
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Smurfette was shocked when she met the charming ballet dancer ;-) Thesmurfs Schlumpf Smurfette  Statue ballet dancer surprise story fairytale
"Could you sing a song for me, Mr.Conch?" Smurfette asked, "I know you have the voice of the sea!" Thesmurfs Schlumpf Smurfette  Sea conch singing songs thevoice ofthesea
Smurfette have met new friends from Disney :-D "Welcome to Disneyland!" "Wow, it's good to see you guys!" "Do you want some ice cream?" "Sure, thank you. I love it!!" Thesmurfs Smurfs Schlumpf Smurfette  Disney Disneyland MickeyMouse DonaldDuck dog sheep icecream
Smurfette  Carla Wentworth Photography Photography Be Happy
For the first time, Smurfette visited the Statue of Liberty riding a bicycle! So excited :-D Thesmurfs Schlumpf Smurfette  TheStatueofLiberty LibertyStatue NewYork NewYorkCity NY NYC bicycle bike flowers excited traveling
Hi! Smurfette  Hello World That's Me çok çirkinim çok
Smurfs Smurfette  Pretty♡ Blue Yellow
Hellokitty Balloon Smurfette  Wasserfest leipzig
"Oh no! I've been kidnapped tangling in the pearl necklace! Someone wants to cut my blond hair!" Smurfette shouted, "HELP! HELP!" Thesmurfs Smurfs Schlumpf Smurfette  tangled blondhair pearl necklace scissors help
Smurfette  Smurfs Wallpaper Desktop work boring friday weekendiscoming
HappyBirthday Smurfette  Weekend Sunny Day
I Love You I Smurf You  Romantique Flower Amour Paris Smurf Smurfette
【→Monkey talking】 【←Smurfette talking】 →"恭喜发财(Kung Hai Fat Choy)!" ←"Excuse me, could you rephrase it ?" →"I mean, may you be happy and prosperous!" ←"Oh, thank you so much!" →"Sorry that I said it in Chinese." ←"That's OK! Anyway, I do like Chinese culture. It's mysterious to me." →"Really? I'm glad to hear that." ←"Yeah, actually, you are the first Chinese monkey I've ever met. You look so cute!" →"Thanks. Em, would you like a cup of Chinese tea?" ←"Yes, I'd love to! Look at these china cups and teapot. I can't wait to use them." Thesmurfs Smurfs Schlumpf Smurfette  china Chinese monkey cups teapot KungHai Fat Choy
Smurfette: "Mmm!! The flowers smell good!" Thesmurfs Schlumpf Smurfette  Flowers fragrance
Decoration Smurfs Smurfette  Sirinler
Taking Photos Smurf Smurfette  I Smurf You  ♡
Taking Photos Smurf Smurfette  I Smurf You  ♥