High Bridge (Bronx, NY)

the big boy
My situation is different, no one is telling me they got me until I really need them .. Truth is they dont got me, but when I really need them, they are right there for me .. thats why I try to always do things for others without the hope that they will return the favor .. most people I know call me out the blue and just over their assistance .. . You know who you are, and I love you all ..
Every King Deserve a Queen im still Searching for mines Bronx
Bronx Follow Me Add me on Snap Chat Girls only @BoriiSwagg
Bronx all me
Me and My Valentine we love matching each other fly 🚘👌🏽💍 Bronx NYC Nissan Altima Nissan Car Red Land Vehicle Transportation Close-up
📷📷☀️🌅🌇 since the weather been shitty lately in new york city i decided to share some of my photos i took a couple of months ago that i never got the chance to post Enjoying The Sun Soaking Up The Sun Relaxing Iphonephotography NYC Photography NYC IPhone IPhoneography View Enjoying The View My View IPhone Photography Good Morning Sky Porn
Something to feast Your Eyes on me just messing around taking pictures of the clouds and the sunset Sunset #sun #clouds #skylovers #sky #nature #beautifulinnature #naturalbeauty #photography #landscape IPhoneography IPhone Photography Enjoying The View My View NYC Bronx Iphonephotography Skyporn
Bronx Swag
Early night . Im tired , its been a long week .. Thinking about that AlphaFemale .
Bronx i dont usually smile in my pics rear but fuck it all me
Turn Up Bronx with the bros
I dont play those games .. well I do, but not all the time
Getting In Touch Relaxing Hi! Hello World Bored
Macro shot 🌺 NYC NYC Photography Nature_collection Showcase June Nature Nature Photography Flower Collection Taking Photos Summertime Summer Flowers Flower Beautiful Beautiful Nature Close Up Marco Marco Photography New York City Macro Macro Photography
its Go time!!! time to make some moves ??????
Slammed Life Nissan Altma Slammed Nissan Altma Altma Turn Up
this is me smiling i smile on the inside lol i was enjoying my day tho lol
my beautiful pregnant wife
Found a new app for sharing photos .. First Eyeem Photo
Confidence on ?? about to head out on this good day
Checking In