Adubato & Marks Home

To my best friend grandpa who knew how to made me laughed, cared about me so much because he felt that I am still his babygirl.
I proud myself for who I am.
To my heart grandma who raised me, wonderful woman I had met ever! I love her so much.
We thanked god for graduated in high school by class of 2012 but we will always have good memories.
That's my lovely brother and love him so much!
You're sometime getting on my nerve but you're always be my friendship.
Hanging Out
Last year, we were watched tv on Super Bowl.
A beautiful summer, I am waiting for you babe
We are humans
Our childhood is amazing for having each other.
Beautiful The Florida
Hanging Out
A gold shine makes me so famous.
To my volleyball senior year, it was the best when I got an award thur tournament by class of 2012.
We were enjoyed before we are going to be older.
Our childhood were fading away but we love each other no matter what.