My name is John Connor, they tried to murder me before I was born, when I was 13 they tried again. Terminator MOVIE Photography Artistic Creative Selfportrait Connor T2 Dramatic Portrait 365 Strobist
Shopping ♡ Camera Photography Photo Clothes Indoors  Connor Illawarra Hanging Clothing Coathanger No People Clothesline Day Men Beauty Indoors  LINE Architecture Room Style
Happy Borthday Connor!!! Connor Franta Youtube Connor Happy Birthday!
Quick sketch in between :) Sketch Drawing Ac3 Connor inking art
Aj Saudin Connor Degrassi Aesthetics Gorgeous Model Street Fashion Urban Fashion Street Style Urbanstyle
Assassinscreed3 Connor Americanrevolution Sketch worldofpencils artassistant
My cute boyfriend haha Connor Riley Toby  they look so adorable especially Riley hehe JustAFansOfThem Cutey Sweet
My MCM (: Connor Like Cute football 44 Calaveras butthead
Can never be jealous of my brother's Joy . Connor smiled at his father here & said these exact words: "I Super-LOVE you, Daddy." Fatherhood  Lookfoward Bradleygenerations
Achilles' warning to Connor: "In your haste to save the world, boy, take care you don't destroy it." Ac3 Assassinscreed3 Brotherhood Assassinscreed Ac Templars Assassins AC Ring Ring Animus Knights Templar Jewelry Cosplay Video Game  Altair Video Game  Hashshashin MnMl Mnmlsm Minimalism Minimal Minimalistic Minimalmood Minimalist
Turn down for what. Connor Photobomb Partyyy @mikezippy22
Ladies..... he's single... Connor ❤??
We, Connor ! Anche tu qui per i Saldi ? Non credevo... Funny Ac assassinscreed videogames nerd @paolaboni
Photography Taking Photos Shop Connor
The model prodigy is ready to take off. Connor
ConnorFranta Connor Franta ❤ Iloveyou
Aj Saudin Degrassi Connor Aesthetics Gorgeous Model Street Fashion Urban Fashion Street Style Urbanstyle
It's a Connor thing... ♥♥Irish Ihaveirishblood Connor
Assassinscreed Ac3 Kill Connor assassin best ps3 game ever fuckingram
Els riures que em faig amb el Snapchat no me'ls treu ningú xD Assassinscreed Connor