Turnbull Canyon Hiking Trail

The Places I've Been Today Hill and more hills... love it!! Rattlesnake Trail - what a work out! Enjoying The Sights On A Hike My Feet Hurt Excercising Hikingadventures That's Me Hello World
Rattlesnake Trail.... zigzags all the way up!! Hiked 11 miles! Enjoying The Sights Walking Relaxing On A Hike Hikingadventures My Feet Hurt Enjoying The Sun On A Hike Don't Jump
Everyday Joy Hikingadventures zigzags all the way up/down!!
Started early... got there at 6am, pitch dark!! Walking On A Hike My Feet Hurt Nature Hikingadventures Darkness And Light Excercising
Clean up ahh niqqa kmsl
Good morning Sunshine?? see what I did there? Turnbull