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Investigating all the memorial funds for Layla, getting the receipt from the hospital for donations, hearing from all those devastated, I had to find a pit mix to cuddle. My friend @noonzdoesadultthings happily donated Roxy for cuddle time. Long day of calling the police and animal control to find out where they failed Layla is tomorrow, I need cuddle time today. Pitbull Pitbulls Pitbullsofinstagram Pitlove Pitbullsofig Pitbulllife Pitbullinstagram Pitbullmix Pitbullrescue PitBullNation Pitbulllovers Pitbullsallday Pitbullsinstagram Pitbulllover Saveourbreed2014 TeamLayla SaveLayla
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(UPDATE 2/18/3:30 PM) Picture: Layla recovering from surgery THE GOOD PART: Kidney levels, while testing on the high end, finally receded back into the normal range. She finally stopped vomitting today, so the risk of an injured esophagus is low. She will get her first meal via a tube in her stomach tonight. Her heart rate, also on the high end, is back within the normal range for the first time in two days, and the arrythmia has begun to lessen. Her wounds are still having to be drained, but no infection. THE BAD PART: Her blood pressure dropped again, probably because of all the work being done to her. We took a chance and put her on Albumin (?) an infusion that should help raise her blood pressure and boost her immune system. There is a risk of reaction because it is a human protein. Her white blood cell count is not so good, and she is low on oxygen, so she has a tube for that. The clip on her tounge measures oxygen. BUT she is reacting to people walking around and also to being poked and prodded. :) I am going to check on the money situation and get back to you guys... Pitbull Pitbulls Pitbullsofinstagram Pitlove Pitbullsofig Pitbulllife Pitbullinstagram Pitbullmix Pitbullrescue PitBullNation Pitbulllovers Pitbullsallday Pitbullsinstagram Pitbulllover Saveourbreed2014 Bulldog Bulldogs Bulldogsofinstagram Bulldoggram Bulldoglove Bulldogmoments Bulldognation Bulldogsinstagram Bulldogsofig bulldoglover bulldoglovers SavingLayla SaveLayla GoTeamLayla Layla
Melissa was thinking one of the best ways to honor Layla would be to rescue another Pit from a high kill shelter. This is her main candidate, appropriately already named, "Hope". Pitbull Pitbulls Pitbullsofinstagram Pitlove Pitbullsofig Pitbulllife Pitbullinstagram Pitbullmix Pitbullrescue PitBullNation Pitbulllovers Pitbullsallday Pitbullsinstagram Pitbulllover Saveourbreed2014
I Love My Pitbull Doglovers Dogoftheday Pitbull Love PitBullNation Pets_perfection My Pitbull Pitbulllover Pitbull Puppy Cute Pets
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