Waiehu Terrace.

Bombay Sippin
Such a beautiful day on the end of the world
My handsome
My mom no mess she
Kuz my boys so dam handsom
Crocheting My Life Away
Taking Photos
The perfect combination.
Theres More To Discover ~
Woke up depressed. So this is my breakfast. #breakupproblems
Here's to starting new. Leh'go EyeEm :]
Huns gat a
My sons mustach lmfao
Finished one today :)
I enjoy watching Snitch earlier. =)) Great movie tho. Now watching breaking dawn part 2 Ü
Baby Sunflower :) ♥
Taking Photos
Sometimes we need to take the time and look at things more closely.
Black And White
Make up, jewelry set-up :33
Taking Photos
Double the trouble.
Taking Photos
Taking Photos
Hanging Out
That's it. I'm dead. Done for the night.
Done For The Day.
Felt like having a mini photo shoot with myself. I mean why not? :)
So Over This Homework Thing Right Now.
Taking Photos
Hanging Out
Me n my love
Taking Photos
Taking Photos
Dance practice!!! :D
Taking Photos
Absolute Fun!
Taking Photos
Me n my babys :)
Taking Photos