ブルーノート東京 (Blue Note Tokyo)

Latin Live Music Monochrome Night Photography
With Mike Stern
Mike stern
Enjoying Life Ska Tokyo
With Dennis Chambers at BlueNote Tokyo
Kozブラウニー Koz brownie Fujifilmxe2 Foodphotography Foodporn Fujixe2 Fujifilm Fujifilm_xseries BluenoteTokyo Fujifilm X-E2 Xf35 Tokyo
Mike starn
Smooth Vibes
With The Wine Enjoying Life Tokyo
フライドポテト french fries Xf35 Fujifilm X-E2 BluenoteTokyo Fujifilm_xseries Fujifilm Fujixe2 Frenchfries Foodporn Foodphotography Fujifilmxe2
MEHLIANA featuring Brad Mehldau & Mark Guiliana
Jazz Good Times JazzMusic TOKU
バリーマニロウ全米ツアーの前座をつとめてくれてるDave Kozのライブを楽しみました。Saw Dave Koz live who's touring with Barry Manilow as Barry's opening performance. Smooth Sounds Nice Atmosphere Classicchrome Fujifilmxe2 Fujifilm X-E2 DaveKoz Xf35 BluenoteTokyo BarryManilow Fujifilm_xseries
Blue Note Tokyoにて Xf35 Fujifilmxe2 Fujixe2 Fujifilm_xseries Fujifilm Fujifilm X-E2 BluenoteTokyo Lourawls Smooth Sounds
Lee Retenour
Blues night with Carlton and Steve Lukather at Bluenote Tokyo,Japan
Smooth Vibes
Smooth Vibes
after meeting @blue note
Ska ♬
With Criff Almond
Smooth Vibes
Smooth Vibes
Foie gras
Tokyo Photo Eye4photography  Music
cocktail Fujifilmxe2 Fujixe2 Fujifilm Fujifilm_xseries Fujifilm X-E2 BluenoteTokyo Xf35 Cocktail
Whiskey Fujifilm X-E2 BluenoteTokyo Xf35 Fujifilm_xseries Fujifilm Fujixe2 Fujifilmxe2 Roundice Whisky ウィスキー
Smooth Vibes
Back again - this time Mos Def is in the building